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Episode 40: New Food Allergy Diagnostic Tools with AllerGenis (10/21/20)

We sit down with AllerGenis CEO and Board Member, Jim Garner, to explore history of food allergy diagnosis and new emerging innovations for diagnosing food allergies and predicting positive outcomes for Oral Immunotherapies. Technology for diagnosing food allergies has not changed in over 30 years, therefore,  you will not want to miss this conversation.

You'll want to listen to the end to learn about Mr. Garner's fascinating background, which is surprising, yet it makes sense regarding what is needed to lead innovation.

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Jim Garner, CEO

Jim Garner has over 30 years of experience providing products and services to help families and doctors better diagnose and manage health conditions.

Jim was the Chief Business Officer of Integrated Diagnostics, a diagnostics company developing technology for early detection, prediction and prevention of disease. Prior to that he was Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Senior Director of Corporate Development for UnitedHealth Group, Director of Marketing & Corporate Development at Elan Diagnostics and Sales Manager at DIANON Systems.

Jim received the Meritorious Service Medal among other honors while serving as Captain in the United States Army where he was Air-Cavalry Troop Commander, Aviation Task Force Operations Officer, and Helicopter Attack Pilot, among other roles and distinctions.

Jim lives in Florida with his family where he enjoys surfing, golfing and tennis with his wife and two sons.