5 Things to Do for the End of School

5 Things to Do for the End of School

by Stacey Stratton, FAACT’s Director of Publications

The end of the school year can bring excitement to the children and relief to the parents. Maybe your school was great working with you and your child’s food allergy, or maybe there were a few things that needed improvement.

For either situation, here are 5 things you can do to end this school year and help start the next year off right:

  1. Find out when to pick up your child’s medication. The school might dispose any leftover meds, so make sure you get everything home safely.

  2. Thank the teachers, staff members, bus driver, etc. – everyone who helped keep your child safe this year. A quick thank you card can mean so much to them.

  3. Meet next year’s teacher(s) to discuss your child’s food allergy and help them with any questions they may have. This is a great time for your child to start getting familiar with them too.

  4. Discuss with the nurse, principal, cafeteria, etc. any concerns you would like to see addressed before the new school year. Be sure to also comment on the positive things that were done this year, as well…no one likes to just hear the negatives.

  5. Congratulate your child on following the food allergy safety rules. Be sure to go over them again, so they always hear what they need to be doing. Example: “It was great that you always asked first before eating any treats that you were given this year.”

Now is also a great time to remind your child’s school about FAACT’s FREE Food Allergy Resources. There are many resources available to download and print, as well as FAACT’s Food Allergy Curricula Programs for Schools and FAACTs for School Program to help your school prepare for the next school year.

Visit FAACT’s Education Resource Center to access all of the programs and resources.

PS: We are sure this school year was a little stressful at times for you, but YOU did a great job, too! FAACT wishes you all a fun and relaxing summer!