Celebrating Easter at Home

April 4, 2020

by Caroline Moassessi, FAACT’s Director of Community Engagement

We know Easter is often a special holiday shared with loved ones. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has certainly impacted traditional family celebrations. But, it doesn’t mean food allergy families can’t be creative with new ideas to keep spirits high. So, put on those teal colored glasses and discover a few fun allergen-friendly tips guaranteed to bring a few grins, whether you are in an apartment or a house with a yard. Food allergy families understand how to adapt like no other!

Easter Basket and Hunt Tips

Do some last-minute online shopping to pick up your family’s safe treats. For candy, be sure to seek out trusted brands, and ALWAYS read the label, EVERY time! Holiday candy might be manufactured in a different facility or contain different ingredients or unprecedented cross-contact risks. Don’t limit yourself to candy. If your child loves cookies, bake up a half batch for each child or skip the smaller items and order a special toy.

Need favors or non-food items for baskets or eggs? Check out Oriental Trading. Notes on their website state they have stock and can deliver within 4 days or less. They sell party goodies ranging from Easter Hunt Kits, bunny ears, costumes, toys, party favors, and tableware.

Switch up the traditional Egg Hunt: assign each child a particular color of plastic eggs and fill your child’s eggs with safe treats. When the children are set free to find their eggs, carefully instruct them to only pick up the eggs of their assigned color. Many times, allergy-safe candy just won’t fit in the usual plastic eggs, so use coins or other small non-food treats like stickers in the eggs and serve the sweets after the hunt instead.

Another twist on the traditional egg hunt is an Easter Scavenger Hunt! Leave clues that lead each child to their Easter Basket or some special surprise. Don’t be shy to send them into funny spots like in their own pajama drawer or shoes.

Family-Focused Fun

Try to focus on non-food activities. Play board games together, watch a movie, play bingo for silly prizes, or play waffle ball or kickball together outside. Kids are usually much more interested in activities and being with family, so try to keep the activities at the center of their attention, focusing less on food.

Partake in a family craft on Easter Day. In the morning, create paper bunny garlands or bunny cone-shaped hats to decorate the dinner table or living room. Or make Peep Mason Jars from leftover paint. Don’t fret if you don’t have all of the craft supplies, dig around and find alternatives, now is the time to let that creativity loose!

Invite each child and adult to suggest a craft or activity for the entire family. Stay eco-friendly and challenge children to come up with ideas using recycled items from the home or garden. Picked flowers placed in old jars can create a fun table setting. Invite stuffed animals to join the dinner table to add to the celebration.

Print out and color paper Easter-themed eyeglasses to wear during your Easter Meal or around the house.

Cooking Up Excitement

Chose a simple meal so kids can help with the cooking, such as tearing lettuce leaves or washing vegetables. Assign each family a dish or task, from setting the table to cooking vegetables. Break tradition and serve family favorites if you can’t order your traditional ham or meal. Older children can help bake bread, dinner rolls or make their favorite desserts. Cooking together as a family can be fun and rewarding.

To give your usual desserts a new twist, bake them in holiday-themed molds, such as rabbit-shaped, spring flowers, or elegant looking Bundt cake pans. Order Easter picks or party favors to top cupcakes. William Sonoma is currently shipping, and Oriental Trading offers Easter Cupcake Wrappers with Picks and trinkets. A ring or small toy decorating a cupcake adds to the fun!

Make Bunny Juice Box Wraps (printable) and set the dinner table with these adorable Juice Boxes or use them to fill Easter Baskets.

Even though the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is weighing heavy on everyone’s mind. Feel okay to put your concerns on the shelf for a few hours to enjoy your family and to create a sweet Easter filled with love. 

If you need ideas for allergy-friendly recipes, crafts, and games, visit FAACT’s Pinterest Boards.

Happy Easter from our FAACT family to yours!