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FAACT is Proud to Introduce AllergyHome: Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness and Education Resources for the Entire School Community

by Michael Pistiner MD, MMSc

When our children get on the bus or get dropped of for school we rely on our school communities to care for their safety and self esteems.  Managing food allergies and anaphylaxis in school is critical.  Effective food allergy management consists of two pillars, prevention of allergic reactions and emergency preparedness. If schools can implement these pillars then our children can thrive. With school wide awareness and staff training this is doable and practical.

AllergyHome is passionate about creating school communities of support for children with food allergies and other life threatening allergies. We have worked nights and weekends to create tools that can be shared with entire school communities to bring awareness to all staff, all parents and all students. We offer free materials and modules that are consistent with the CDC guidelines and created to make learning practical and easy. We drive home the importance of the pillars of management, prevention and preparedness, and that they must applied at all times and in all settings. Materials range from a 30 minute, expert reviewed staff training module (consistent with CDC guidelines) with quiz and certificate of completion to awareness posters that use humor to drive home very serious points.

In preparation for the upcoming school year consider sharing these tools with your school nurse, principal, school nutrition director, and PTA/Os. Awareness materials (e.g. notification to all parents, awareness module for all parents) can be shared prior to the beginning of the school year via email blasts, newsletters, and websites and delivered at staff trainings, parent and student orientations (e.g. kids awareness module), as well as early school year and food allergy awareness activities. Aware and understanding communities can create supportive and inclusive schools where our children can safely learn and thrive. Please check out and share Schools.AllergyHome.org with your school community.