Sharing Gratitude After a Challenging Year


The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring challenges to our daily lives. Yet it has also helped us focus on what’s really important – family, friends, and health. FAACT is grateful for the many people who made it possible for all of us to live healthfully this year, and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank them.

Thank you to the people working around the clock to deliver products that keep our families safe. Companies large and small battled supply-chain shortages and setbacks to produce allergy-free foods and other items we need every day. We are thankful for the pharmaceutical companies that kept working to bring us the life-saving medications we rely on today and continued research into new solutions and treatments.

Thank you to the national, state, and local organizations that remained unwavering in their mission to advocate for a better quality of life for people living with food allergies. They pivoted to meet changing needs, developed new support and outreach programs, and hosted digital conferences and events to keep food allergy families connected.

Thank you to the news outlets and reporters who kept us updated on the latest developments regarding food allergy management and treatments. We are thankful for the food allergy-focused businesses that continue to develop new apps, solutions, and products to improve our quality of life and for everyone working within the infrastructure delivering these items to our doorsteps and stores.

We are grateful for the researchers who never stop working to find new food allergy treatments and for the allergists and healthcare workers who help us diagnose and manage this invisible condition. We are grateful for the school nurses, teachers, administrators, and bus drivers who pushed on to keep our children safe at school.

We are thankful for people in every facet of the food industry – from farmers, food processors, and grocery store staff to food scientists and government agency personnel – who work thoughtfully to keep our food system healthy and safe. Thank you to the food allergy advocates and their families and friends who rally for new laws and inclusion for people with food allergies.

Most of all, FAACT is grateful for YOU – our food allergy community. We are thankful for each one of you and the gifts you bring to our world. Your kind words of gratitude, tears of joy, sadness, and triumphs keep us motivated to fight by your side every day.

As we wind up this historical year, we share our heartfelt gratitude for you and this unique community built on love and a determined passion for finding a better way of life for people living with food allergies.

Be sure to visit FAACT for holiday tips! We wish everyone a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season!