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Family / Children 

FAACT's Resources Flyer

FAACT's Newly Diagnosed Guide (PDF)

FAACT's 'A Caregiver's Guide' (PDF)

Food Allergy Bullying Article with FAACT CEO, Eleanor Garrow-Holding, and Living Without Magazine, January 2013

FAACT's Food Allergy Curricula Program for Schools

'FAACTs for Schools' Program

FAACT's School Lunchroom Poster

FAACT's School Accommodations

FAACT's Food Allergy School Letter to Parents (Sample Template)

FAACT Posters

Anaphylaxis: Signs and Symptoms Poster

Anaphylaxis: FIST to THIGH "Sign" Video

Anaphylaxis: FIST to THIGH "Sign" Poster 1

Anaphylaxis: FIST to THIGH "Sign" Poster 2

Anaphylaxis: FIST to THIGH "Sign" Poster 3

Anaphylaxis: FIST to THIGH "Sign" Poster 4

Anaphylaxis FAACTs

10 FAACTs about Food Allergies

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Bus Drivers & Transportation Personnel - Best Practices

Bus Drivers & Transportation Personnel - Prepare to Act

Bus Drivers & Transportation Personnel - Checklist

Communicating with School Personnel for Parents - Best Practices

Epinephrine Auto-Injector Options - 2021

FAACT School Programs for School Personnel

FAACT Food Allergy Resources for Schools

Field Trips - Best Practices

Food Allergy Education for School Personnel

Food Allergy Safety - It's A Matter of FAACT!

Food Service Personnel - Best Practices

Newly Diagnosed with Food Allergies

Preschool Considerations for Parents

Preventing Cross-Contact

Traveling with Food Allergies

Additional School Resources

Food Allergy Management & Education (FAME) Toolkit

PDF - Binky Goes Nuts, Activity (pdf) 

Ally & Andy’s Awesome Asthma and Allergy Activities

Living Confidently 

Planning for Schools - A Parent's Guide

National Education Association (NEA) Food Allergy Book - English  

National Education Association (NEA) Food Allergy Book - Spanish

NIAID Guidelines for Patients & Caregivers 

AllergyHome & KFA Babysitting Form AllergyHome Awareness Posters