Worldwide "Love Remembers Day" 2015 to Celebrate Lives Lost to Food Induced Anaphylaxis

Flowers for Anaphylaxis Outreach Keeps the Legacy of the Lost Alive in Annual Celebration 

Flowers for Anaphylaxis, a volunteer grassroots organization that offers condolences to families that have lost loved ones to food-induced anaphylaxis, is organizing the second annual worldwide Love Remembers Day throughout the weekend of March 27-29, 2015. Aleasa Word, CLC, CEC, founder of the program and an advocate/educator in the food-allergic community, notes that “when loved ones are lost as a result of food allergies, it’s not fair that they become newsworthy one day and forgotten the next.” Ms. Word encourages support groups, agencies, and allergy friendly companies to plan special events for the day in remembrance of persons lost to food allergies. Word hopes to accomplish ongoing awareness that goes beyond the annual Food Allergy Awareness Week in May.

In an effort to keep her own child safe, Ms. Word educated herself about food allergies and the struggles other families have faced and hopes that this effort will empower others to continue awareness outreach efforts while continuing to reach out to families who are grieving. Word encourages those interested in the event to “like” the Flowers for Anaphylaxis Facebook page and post updates on how they are celebrating the day. You can contact Word online via the Flowers for Anaphylaxis Web site

Let Us All Remember March 27-29, 2015, and Honor Those Lives Every Day!