FAACT‬ has partnered with Cincinnati Reds to offer four peanut-sensitive games this year. Seating will be in the Cincinnati Bell Technology Pavilion in center field. This is a private indoor seating area away from concession stands or regular ballpark seating.

All four games will be held on a Sunday at 1:10pm in the private, enclosed, nut-free suite. There are 75 tickets per game at $30 each, with $4 from each ticket being donated back to FAACT.

The dates for 2017 are as follows:
May 21, 2017 vs. Colorado Rockies
June 4, 2017 vs. Atlanta Braves
July 16, 2017 vs. Washington Nationals
September 17, 2017 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

The area will be cleaned thoroughly prior to the game including wiping down and sanitizing all hard surfaces, baseboards and furniture and detailed cleaning of the private restrooms. Additional event and janitorial staff will be on hand as well as a medic.

Only those with ‪‎nut allergies‬, their families and friends will be permitted to purchase tickets through this special offer. Nut-based products from the ballpark stands will not be permitted to be brought into the area. They encourage those with ‪food allergies‬ to bring in food from home. (No glass bottles, cans or hard-sided coolers).

For those in the area, please join us and order your tickets today at: http://m.mlb.com/reds/tickets/info/peanutsensitive.