“I am the mom of a son with numerous severe allergies and the co-director of our state's food allergy support group. FAACT's Civil Rights Advocacy Resource Center and the work that FAACT does to support the civil rights of those of us living with severe food allergies is invaluable and unprecedented. When I was working with my son's school to create his 504 plan, I relied on all the 504 information available on the FAACT website and presented the information to his school. I routinely refer members of our group to FAACT's site for civil rights information and education as many members have difficulty navigating the school environment with food allergies. This compendium of information is not available elsewhere and saves all of us families immeasurable time from having to research and create this information on our own. FAACT's information is accurate, organized, and reliable. My family is beyond grateful for the work that FAACT is doing in the civil rights area.” – Charlotte J., New Mexico

“Thank you so much for all of your support and help you have given. I am so grateful and appreciative. I have learned so much from you in a short time and am so grateful for all of the resources at FAACT.” – Stephanie L., California

“I am not sure if you will ever truly realize how many people you help and affect so positively. I am so excited for the small impact I have made within my schools and in my community. It’s a slow process but one worth never giving up. I am looking forward to continuing to support our food allergy community, and I will always support FAACT and your cause however I can.” – Angela F., North Carolina

“I have been a support group leader for families living with food allergies since 2003. I am constantly asked for resources to help our members manage living with food allergies. I always send them to FAACT’s website. There they can find all the help they need for a host of issues. FAACT has a number of incredibly helpful free, downloadable resources. In particular, I often get asked questions about issues relating to Civil Rights Advocacy. This is an area that is very underserved by the food allergy community other than by FAACT. FAACT not only has a plethora of resources on the Civil Rights Advocacy section of their website, but they actually have a staff member dedicated to Civil Rights Advocacy. I cannot even count how many people I have sent to FAACT for help with specific situations. No other not-for-profit out there offers that kind of individualized assistance, let alone a complimentary service. I have relied on them personally for help with issues related to my own daughter, as well. The food allergy community would be lost without FAACT and the civil rights assistance they offer.” – Jill M., New York