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FAACT's Roundtable Podcast

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FAACT's Roundtable Podcast

Presented in a welcoming format with interviews and open discussions, FAACT’s Roundtable Podcast episodes cover all aspects of living with food allergies across the lifespan. 

Meet your host, Caroline Moassessi, FAACT's Vice President of Community Relations. More than ever, our personal connection and knowing the FAACTs are critical as we maneuver through these unsettling times. 

We want to hear from you, as well. Your voice matters! If there are topics you want to hear about, let us know. Email Caroline directly at

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Now...sit back, relax, and thank you for welcoming FAACT into your homes!

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FAACT's Roundtable Podcast publishes new podcasts every Wednesday. Our 2023 podcasts will return on January 25, 2023. Until then, stay well, and always be kind to one another!