FAACT's Seventh Annual Teen Retreat.

2022 Registration & Schedules for Teens and Parents/Caregivers

We look forward to seeing many of you in Oak Brook, Illinois for FAACT's Seventh Annual Teen Retreat. We have a full-packed weekend planned for the teens, siblings, and parents/caregivers. You definitely don't want to miss this weekend to meet others who live the same lives and share the same experiences as you and your family.

The Teen Retreat will be full of hands-on and interactive sessions, and there is plenty of fun to be had for all!

* The Friday & Saturday Nights Teen Socials will consist of games, dance, music, karaoke, and more! There will be prizes!

* We have a full schedule for the parent/cargiver sessions as well, hearing from leading experts and advocates, and conducting interactive sessions. There will be a Parent/Caregiver Meet & Greet on Friday evening and Social on Saturday evening while the teens are enjoying their social events.

Download TEEN and PARENT/CAREGIVER agendas!

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Registration Fees per Person

*Registration fees include the following:

  • Entrance to FAACT's Teen Retreat.

  • Socials on Friday evening after the Welcome Ceremony

    • Parent/Caregiver Meet & Greet

    • Teen Social

  • Catered lunch on Saturday (allergen-friendly menu planned with catering staff).

    • Teen and Parent/Caregiver Lunches are free from the Top-9 plus gluten-free and seed-free.

    • All allergies will be accommodated.

  • After lunch on Saturday, the Teens will spend the afternoon at 'Escape The Room' at Oak Brook Centre for a team building activity.

  • Coffee/soda/juice/water beverage bar throughout the weekend.

  • Socials on Saturday evening

    • Parent/Caregiver Social

    • Teen Social/Dance Party

  • FAACT gifts for all attendees, including sweatshirts for the teens.

Registration Fees through October 14:
  • $330 - Adults/Parents/Caregivers
  • $380 - Teens (ages 11-22)
  • $380 - Teen Siblings (ages 11-22)

 Pre-teens and Teens (ages 11-17) must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver and/or legal guardian who also attends the Teen Retreat weekend. If 18 and still a senior in high school, he/she must also be accompanied by a parent/caregiver and/or legal guardian who attends the Teen Retreat weekend. If 18+ and in college, he/she may attend the Teen Retreat weekend on his/her own, but parents/caregivers and/or legal guardians are still preferred to attend.

Deadline to Register is Friday, October 14, 2022! 

Register here!

Hotel Deadline is Wednesday, October 5, 2022.


Registration payments must be made in full online at time of registration or by check via mail sent to: FAACT, P.O. Box 511, West Chester, OH 45071.

If paying online, please go to FAACT's Donate page. Click on "Other" and enter the amount of your registration fee, and enter "Teen Retreat" in the "Reason" box. All payments online are secure through our PayPal account. Cancellations prior to September 1, 2022, are eligible for a 100% refund of the registration. After September 1, the deposit will be refunded less $50.

FAACT Guidelines in Place Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Based on the recommendations of FAACT’s Medical Advisory Board, all attendees and staff must submit proof of vaccination inlcuding available boosters at least two weeks prior to the Teen Retreat. These guidelines are non-negotiable

  • Proof of vaccination/boosters (scanned vaccination cards) must be emailed to
    • FAACT will comply with the The Hyatt Lodge, Illinois Department of Public Health, and CDC's Covid-19 protocols and requirements.
  • FAACT will continue to work with our medical advisory board and update our policies as needed. 

As always, the health and safety of our attendees and staff are our utmost priority. We cannot wait to see you all for FAACT's Teen Retreat!

Teen Retreat Weekend Timeline

Thursday/Friday: Arrive and check into the hotel (if traveling).


  • 10a-3p (Optional): Day activity for all attendees. We use the hotel shuttle to/from the hotel and Oak Brook Shopping Centre. Teens socialize and shop (with Teen Leader chaperones). Parents/Caregivers go for coffee and socialize. We meet up for a group lunch in a reserved area at Maggiano's Little Italy (each family pays for their own bill). We had about 75 of the attendees join us in 2019, and it was a fun, successful day. ALL ALLERGIES WERE ACCOMMODATED!
  • 3p-6:30p: Break, socialize, and dinner on your own

    Official Start of the Retreat:
  • 6:30p-7p: Check-in at Registration (receive name badges, materials, gifts, & visit Expo booths)
  • 7p-8:30p: Welcome Ceremony with Dewayne Hill
  • 8:30p-10:30p: Teen Social and Parent/Caregiver Meet & Greet Social 


  • 9a-12p: Separate Parent/Caregiver and Teen sessions (teens grouped by grades)
  • 12p-1p: Separate Parent/Caregiver and Teen luncheons
  • 1p-4p
    • Parent/Caregiver sessions
    • TEENS will spend the afternoon with the Teen Leaders at 'Escape The Room' at Oak Brook Shopping Centre for some fun team building and return by 4pm to meet their parents/caregivers.
  • 4p-7:30p: Break, socialize, and dinner on your own
  • 7:30p-9:30p: Teen Social/Dance Party and Parent/Caregiver Social 


  • 9a-11:30a: Separate Parent/Caregiver and Teen sessions (teens grouped by age groups)
  • 11:30a-1p: Joint Parent/Caregiver and Teen session

NOTE: There will be Teen joint sessions, but then Teen sessions will break out into groups by grades:

  • 6th-8th Grades
  • 9th-12th Grades

NOTE: If flying, be sure to book your flight after 4p CST so you don't miss how we end the weekend!