Celebrating Our Teal Way of Life


Close your eyes and think back on the past several years as a parent/caregiver, an adult with food allergies, or a family member who loves and cares deeply for someone with food allergies. Do you see heart-warming smiles when school accommodations are created and honored? Or frustrations when you need to say no to an unsafe food or event? Do you see yourself squinting under the fluorescent lights at the grocery store as you decipher product labels or holding someone’s hand after being called the “reason we can’t have fun”?

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month―our month to celebrate our accomplishments, raise awareness, and share Our Teal Way of Life. We know life is imperfect and just as complex as managing food allergies. Yet our food allergy community shows up with compassion and love for their families and communities in magical ways. It is inexplicable to describe how parents, caregivers, and friends can join forces to advocate for new food-allergy policies and legislation, then turn around and bake dozens of allergen-free cupcakes at midnight. Our lives are complicated―and packed with love. Yes, it’s a magical community.

This is Our Teal Way of Life.

We invite everyone to share your gratitude and reach out to raise awareness about food allergies and Our Teal Way of Life this month. This is our moment to enjoy the friendships and connections we’ve made through our common thread of food allergies and  reach out to new communities to raise awareness.

We would also like to take a moment to offer our gratitude to the superheroes who make Mother’s Day special. Beyond the women who have given birth to us, to all who have fearlessly and tirelessly raised children with food allergies, we share our gratitude as we celebrate you on May 8th and all year long.  

Your FAACT family wishes you one of the most beautiful Food Allergy Awareness Month as we stand together to help educate everyone in our communities about food allergies and Our Teal Way of Life.