Discovering Random Acts of Kindness during Food Allergy Awareness Month


by Caroline Moassessi, FAACT Vice President of Community Relations

Creating a better world for people living with food allergies is something we all do every day. Every action matters, whether it’s reading a label and keeping a loved one safe, suggesting a different eatery, or raising awareness with a school teacher. It’s like a smile. Walking down the street, if one person stops to smile and the next person smiles back, then it carries on! Sometimes, this game of smiles fizzles and stops—but it doesn’t have to.

This May, during Food Allergy Awareness Week and Month, challenge yourself to share one random act of food allergy kindness. Do something unexpected to raise awareness. Consider a jaunt outside your comfort zone!

For example, drop off allergy-friendly treats on your co-worker's desk or your child’s school receptionist’s counter with a note saying, “We’re celebrating Food Allergy Awareness Week/Month with delicious allergy-friendly coffee break treats made by [insert your child’s name]. Please enjoy. Love, [insert family name].” If appropriate, share a bit of food allergy education from FAACT’s medically vetted website, such as, “Did you know that allergic reactions can be triggered by ingesting trace amounts or by residual amounts of food protein on someone’s hands, which can also contaminate common surfaces? This is particularly important among young children who frequently put their hands—and everything else—in their mouths.”

Send a text or card to a fellow food allergy caregiver letting them know that you care and thank them for being part of your food allergy community. Then kick it up and profess your love and appreciation for friends and family members who support your family’s food allergy journey. A little blast of love goes a long way!

Raise awareness in your office or college campus by sharing a powerhouse free download, Food Allergy Safety: It’s a Matter of FAACT, which highlights important tips that can keep everyone healthy and safe! Consider downloading this free poster to hang in breakrooms, on bulletin boards, and in eating areas. College students, print out a few color copies and post around campus. Ask the Disabilities Office if the college can share the download with faculty and staff to help them better understand and work with students living with food allergies.

Another way to raise awareness is to invite friends to enjoy delicious, allergen-friendly appetizers, snacks, and beverages. Instead of telling them about food allergies, show them how to safely socialize and delight in tasty food together.

Educate with free, medically vetted, kid-friendly materials at your child’s school. For example, download and share FAACT’s School Food Allergy Lunch Detective Club Poster. Ask school administrators to post it in eating areas around the school. This poster invites kids to become food allergen super sleuths as they get busy learning how to keep everyone allergy safe and healthy at school.

Fill your heart and teal basket this month with random acts of food allergy kindness. Pick up a few ideas for activities and tools by visiting FAACT’s Food Allergy Awareness Initiatives for social media images, post ideas, proclamation templates, and more! From a heartfelt thank you to creating an awareness display at school, college campus, or in a public location, every action matters and makes our food allergy world better—thanks to you!

Enjoy #CelebratingTEALmoments this Food Allergy Awareness Month!