FAACT Teen Retreat Speakers 2017

Teen Retreat Speakers 2021

FAACT is pleased to work with so many, wonderful experts and individuals for this year's Teen Retreat in Oak Brook, Illinois. Presenters are as follows (presenters and topics are subject to change):

  • August Maturo - FAACT Celebrity Spokesperson
  • Zac Chelini, MBA - FAACT Spokesperson and Teen Leader - California
  • Eleanor Garrow-Holding - FAACT President & CEO - Ohio
  • Emery Gewirtz, MA School Psychology - FAACT Director of Behavioral Health and Teen Leader - New Jersey
  • Justin Greiwe, MD, FACAAI, FAAAAI - Partner, Bernstein Allergy Group - Ohio
  • Maya Konoff - Food Allergy Advocate, Camp TAG Counselor, and Teen Speaker - New York
  • Caroline Moassessi - Grateful Foodie Founder and Parent Advocate - Nevada
  • Leila Moassessi - Food Allergy Advocate and Teen Speaker - Nevada
  • Michael Pistiner, MD - Director of Food Allergy Advocacy, Education & Prevention, Food Allergy Center at MassGeneral Hospital for Children - Massachusetts
  • Natascia Simone, MBA - FAACT Program Director and Teen Leader - Connecticut
  • Amelia G. Smith, JD - FAACT Vice President, Civil Rights Advocacy - Mississippi
  • Emma Sorrentino - Food Allergy Advocate, Camp TAG Counselor, and Teen Speaker - Massachusetts
  • Curtis Zimmerman - National Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author - Ohio

The TEEN and PARENT Schedules will be available by Summer 2021!

Registration will open April 2021!