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College Toolkit Intro

FAACT’s College Toolkit

Facing the college process while managing with food allergies can feel daunting. FAACT is here to walk this journey with you! Welcome to the FAACT College Toolkit.

We invite parents/caregivers and students to explore these resources, including checklists, articles, and podcasts, to help you stay in the know and feel confident about the adventure that is about to unfold. In creating this resource, FAACT interviewed college students – both students with food allergies and some without – plus college professors, food service personnel, and parents of college students.

How To Navigate the Toolkit

Each section offers resources for adult family members and the graduating high school student. These materials are designed to guide families through the college process, and each section highlights essential topics for consideration. The checklists are extensive, so you can choose items that pertain to your unique needs. This is an exciting time, and your FAACT family is here for you!

Resources are presented by the phases of the college process (checklists included):

  • Getting Started (Exploring Colleges)
  • Admitted Student
  • Move-In Ready
  • Commuter Student
  • Legal Considerations
  • Dining and Food Service
  • Eating-Cooking-Shopping
  • Behavioral Health
  • High School to Work Force

Discover FAACT’s Roundtable Podcasts featuring parents and college students, plus FAACT blogs to help make college planning fun.

One easy place to start: the Top 7 “Must Do” Steps for College Students.

* FAACT's College Resource Center has been reviewed and approved by our Medical Advisory Board.