FAACT and MenuTrinfo® Partner on Food Service Training

For the millions of students living with food allergies, eating at the school cafeteria is not merely a convenience, it’s a gamble – with potentially fatal consequences. The food service industry’s food allergy expert, MenuTrinfo®, partnered with the nation’s leading food allergy education and advocacy group, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), to make serving students with food allergies safer.

Together, FAACT and MenuTrinfo® are providing leading-edge food allergy education, risk-reduction strategies, and emergency preparedness plans to food service facilities so they can safely serve students living with food allergies as well as their families, friends, and colleagues.

The AllerTrain™ suite of courses by MenuTrinfo® was launched in 2011 to meet the growing need for food-allergy and gluten-free training within the food service industry. Over the past decade, it has evolved into a wide variety of training options, led by the food service industry experts, designed to suit the needs of every member of the food service industry. The ground-breaking partnership with FAACT brings expert oversight and additional content vetted by FAACT’s Medical Advisory Board to achieve even stronger and clearer education for those who complete the training.

With both an eLearning platform and live workshops taught by Master Trainers, AllerTrain™ is an accessible option for every style of learner. MenuTrinfo® is the only company that offers an in-person food allergy training option, which is the chosen teaching to have students retain high levels of information.

AllerTrain U™ for the college and university settings and AllerTrain Lite™ are the programs that dining services looking to be “Certified Free-From” locations have turned to for the knowledge their staff must have to deliver food services with confidence each and every time. Both are ANAB/ANSI-accredited training courses that go further to meet state- and county-specific training mandates. You can find a map online showing college and universities that have utilized the AllerTrain™, AllerTrain U™, and AllerTrain Lite™ training.

The courses teach food service professionals:

  • Top foods that cause allergic reactions
  • Proper protocol for preparing food to avoid cross-contact with allergens
  • How to better serve students with special dietary needs
  • Recommendations for policy implementation
  • Information on current and pending legislation in each state

AllerTrain™ and FAACT are helping food service professionals on all levels to better handle gluten-free and food allergen requests, avoid food allergy-related incidents, and prepare for onsite food allergy emergencies should they occur.

Has your college/university food service division provided certified allergen training for staff? If not, please consider using the AllerTrain™ U and/or AllerTrain™ programs to train all food service personnel. It’s the best way to ensure the safety of your students living with food allergies.

MenuTrinfo® also offers the Kitchens With Confidence™ program, which certifies food service locations that have been assessed through rigorous audits on methods, standards, policies, and understanding to serve persons with special dietary needs, specifically food allergies. A map of certified locations available on the AllerTrain™ website is a useful tool for students going to college with food allergies.

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