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FAACT's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Board

In April, 2020, FAACT's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Board was formed. These extraordinary food allergy community leaders, members, and advocates bring rich, diverse backgrounds and conversations to the table. Our goal is to explore how FAACT can improve the diversity of our organization, our constituents, events, and initiatives; including discovering pathways for equity and inclusion while creating a safe and equitable space for our constituents to thrive, share, and learn about living with food allergies through education, advocacy, awareness, and research.

Our commitment to the food allergy community grows deeper with the creation of this board. We are honored and humbled by the immediate response and formation of this important advisory board. Stay tuned for updates as we explore and learn together.

We are excited to start this journey with the Advisory Board Members.

Learn more about FAACT's DEI Advisory Board Members here.


FAACT Is Learning to Live in Empathy

June 17, 2020
“We need to do better. We will do better. Not just for today, but every day.” FAACT made this commitment on June 7, 2020. But as an organization, we knew that we could not do this alone. Our team needed professional guidance and assistance.
Starting today, our entire team explores racism, disparities, and inequity by starting with ourselves on a deeply personal level. FAACT knows that change begins with each individual before we can impact the organization. Erin Matthews, LCSW and Nima Novak, founders of Living in Empathy, are leading us in four workgroup sessions, and we are grateful. These group sessions are safe, shame-free spaces for our team to learn about white fragility and our roles, unconscious bias, talking to our children about race, and learning about key phrases and questions to disrupt racist conversations.
“We invite our peers and communities to explore this type of work to make change across our nation”, states Eleanor Garrow-Holding, FAACT’s President & CEO. Garrow-Holding says, “We look forward to our experiences and staying true to our long-term commitments and goals.”
Please visit Living in Empathy Therapy to learn more about the very important and much needed work they are doing.