FAACT's Food Allergy Curricula Program for Schools

FAACT is proud to announce the release of our Food Allergy School Curricula Program for K-3, Grades 4-8, and Grades 9-12, another program that fulfills our mission to educate, advocate, and raise awareness for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis.

The teacher-designed PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, and activities in this free curriculum can be used to introduce your students to common food allergens and safety protocols while encouraging empathy for classmates with a food allergy.

Complete the short form on our Web site and download the free programs today! Then all you have to do is click on the below programs you wish to download and print. Be sure to share them with your schools and colleagues.

'FAACTs for Schools' Program 

FAACTs for Schools brings a complete educational program directly to schools. Our educational presentation, Get the FAACTs About Food Allergies, contains an overview of food allergies including current best practices based on the Centers for Disease Control’s “Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools”. With a pretest, post evaluation and complete talking points, this presentation can be used by parents or educators to educate school personnel nationwide. Also included in our completely free package are convenient handouts such as FAACT’s 10 FAACTs about Food Allergies

FAACT's Informational Flyer

FAACT's Brochure

FAACT's Food Allergy School Letter to Parents (Sample Template)

FAACT Posters

Anaphylaxis: Signs and Symptoms Poster

10 FAACTs to Know about Food Allergies

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Anaphylaxis FAACTs

Bullying - What Is Food Allergy Bullying?

Bullying - Keys to Standing Up, Involvement, & Inclusion

Bus Drivers & Transportation Personnel - Best Practices

Bus Drivers & Transportation Personnel - Prepare to Act

Bus Drivers & Transportation Personnel - Checklist

College - Off to College - Checklist

Communicating with School Personnel for Parents - Best Practices

Epinephrine Auto-Injector Options in 2017

FAACT School Programs for School Personnel

Field Trips - Best Practices

Food Allergy Documents & Plans for School

Food Allergy Education for School Personnel

Food Allergy Resources for Schools

Food Service Personnel - Best Practices

Newly Diagnosed with Food Allergies

Preschool Considerations for Parents

Preventing Cross-Contact

Traveling with Food Allergies

Additional School Resources

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan (AAP)

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan, AAAAI (pdf) 

CDC Guidelines 

CDC Guidelines FAQ's 

Food Allergy Bullying Article with FAACT CEO, Eleanor Garrow-Holding, and Living Without Magazine, January 2013

Food Allergy Management & Education (FAME) School Tool Kit

NASN Saving Lives at School Handbook 

National Education Association (NEA) Food Allergy Book - English  

National Education Association (NEA) Food Allergy Book - Spanish

Kaleo's Auvi-Q "Q Your School Program" - free Auvi-Q sets for elementary schools in the U.S. (link)

Epipen4Schools® Program, Mylan (link) 

Potential Food Allergens in Preschool and School Activities – KFA (pdf) 

Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in the School Nutrition Programs, USDA (pdf) (Guidance for School Food Service Staff)

Allergy Friendly Arts & Crafts, School Discount Supply Company (link)