FAACT's Signs and Symptoms Poster

FAACT’s newest poster, Signs and Symptoms of Anaphylaxis, is hot off the presses and was a huge success at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting. We wanted to share it as a FREE download resource for our families and the community.


OR, you can purchase posters for a small fee to cover production and shipping costs. These posters are printed on Synthetic paper, which is tear-free and water proof:

Posters (8.5 x 11):

Individual     $  6
Set of 10        $40 ($4.00 ea)
Set of 25        $80 ($3.20 ea)  

To purchase products, you need to submit your payment via PayPal on FAACT’s Donate page. Click “Other,” enter your total payment, and enter “Anaphylaxis Poster” in the “Reason” box. Then click the “Donate Now” button to complete your payment. E-mail  Eleanor.Garrow@FoodAllergyAwareness.org with your order and shipping address.

FAACT's Newly Diagnosed Guide

Having a food allergy does not have to be an overwhelming experience. We want you to view food allergy as a manageable obstacle that you can overcome. Here are some basic tips for managing food allergies: 

1. Consult a board-certified allergist. Finding an allergist is easy. 
2. There is no way to prevent an allergic reaction other than avoiding the allergen.
3. Always have emergency medication (e.g., auto-injectable epinephrine and antihistamines) with you.
4. Become familiar with how to use your epinephrine device and the steps in your emergency care action plan.
5. Assume nothing is safe. 
6. Read labels on packaged goods.
7. Learn how to clean potentially cross-contaminated surfaces – including your hands!   
8. Discourage food sharing.
9. Become empowered! Living with a food allergy is entirely manageable. 

FAACT's Newly Diagnosed Guide includes all the information and resources you need to get started with managing food allergies. Visit our Newly Diagnosed section, and download FAACT's Newly Diagnosed Guide for free and share with family and friends.

Connect with FAACT Poster

Share FAACT's "Connect with FAACT" poster with your schools, preschools, daycare centers, physician offices, families and more using our QR codes to learn more about FAACT's services, our Camp TAG program, and our Teen Retreat Weekend!

It's as easy as a quick scan from your phone that will lead you directly to our Web site. The poster is free to download and share. Stay connected with FAACT!

FAACT Bookmarks Available – Plus Posters!

The FAACT 'Know The FAACTs' bookmarks have been such a success - during Food Allergy Awareness Week and year round - that we have them available along with the matching 'Know The FAACTs' poster. Many use the posters for school classrooms, school nurse offices, school cafeterias, libraries, physician offices, and other places in the community. 

Share FAACT’s bookmarks and posters with family, friends, physicians, and school personnel. It’s an easy – and useful – way to share important information about food allergies and anaphylaxis.

You can purchase sets of the bookmarks and posters for a small fee to cover production and shipping costs:

Bookmarks:                                      Posters (12 x 18):

Set of 50        $20 ($.40 ea)             Individual       $ 4
Set of 100      $30 ($.30 ea)             Set of 10        $35 ($3.50 ea)
Set of 250      $50 ($.20 ea)             Set of 25        $75 ($3.00 ea)   

* NOTE: For Alaska and Hawaii, an additional shipping fee of $25 needs to be added to your total to cover shipping costs.

To purchase products, you need to submit your payment via PayPal on FAACT’s Donate page. Click “Other,” enter your total payment, and enter “Know the FAACTs Poster and/or Bookmark” in the “Reason” box. Then click the “Donate Now” button to complete your payment. E-mail Eleanor.Garrow@FoodAllergyAwareness.org with your order and shipping address.