FAACT Teen Retreat Speakers 2017

Teen Retreat Speakers 2022

FAACT is pleased to work with so many, wonderful experts and individuals for this year's Teen Retreat in Oak Brook, Illinois. Presenters are as follows (presenters and topics are subject to change):

  • Dewayne Hill - Nationally Recognized Magician and Comedian, Ohio
  • Eleanor Garrow-Holding - FAACT President & CEO, Ohio
  • Justin Greiwe, MD, FACAAI, FAAAAI - FAACT Medical Advisor/Partner, Bernstein Allergy Group, Ohio
  • Ashley Ramos, PhD - Pediatric Psychologist, Ohio
  • Caroline Moassessi - FAACT Vice President of Community Relations, Nevada
  • Chef Keith Norman - FAACT Board Member, Executive Chef South Point Hotel, Casino, & Spa, Nevada
  • Amelia G. Smith, JD - FAACT General Counselor & Vice President of Civil Rights Advocacy, Mississippi
  • Aleasa Word - FAACT Vice President of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Georgia
  • Charity Luiskutty - FAACT-recognized Support Group Leader & Advocate, Virginia
  • Jonathan Barnhart - Teen Leader, Food Allergy Advocate, & Camp TAG Counselor, Kentucky
  • Ella Luiskutty - Teen Leader, Food Allergy Advocate, & Camp TAG Counselor, Virginia

Additional speakers to be determined.

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