FAACT Teen Retreat Testimonials

"Forever grateful for the friendships, support, and confidence that FAACT's Teen Retreat has provided our family. Thank you, Eleanor, and the amazing FAACT team for providing families with a time of inspiration, fun, and information - it's a great balance! Teen Retreat is such a carefree time for us. I love that young adults are mentors and that teens have time to spread their wings in a safe space. After we left the last retreat, I said I came mainly for my teen, but I left with 'warm fuzzies', too!"
- Lori, North Carolina

"FAACT's Teen Retreat was an amazing experience. Just when I thought I had this allergy parent thing under control, I realized my child had become a teen and would have to navigate things on her own soon. The personal experience of the young adult leaders helped the teens learn real life skills for handling allergies in various situations. The parent lectures helped us learn to let go with the knowledge we have given our kids the skills they need.

As we arrived at the airport to fly home from the retreat, my teen daughter asked me if she, rather than myself, could talk to the airline staff about pre-boarding, wiping down her own seat, and asking if they would request those surrounding usto not eat her allergen. I realized the profound impact the retreat had made. FAACT's Teen Retreat empowers our teens to become their own advocates and helps parents have the courage the to let them!"
- Megan, New Jersey

"FAACT's Teen Retreat has been life-changing for both my daughter (19) and me. We have attended for years. It is the one place that my daughter feels totally connected to a community who understands all of the unique challenges she goes through. She looks forward to seeing the same friends year after year, and I too look forward to seeing all the parents I have met and come to rely on for all these years. We all stay connected throughout the year via social media. There are so many bonding experiences that you almost forget how much important information is imparted to all of us while we are there."
- Jill, New York

"FAACT's Teen Retreat was an incredible experience not only for my 16-year-old daughter, but me as well. I'm beyond grateful we had the opportunity to attend and be encouraged by those dealing with the same challenges we do. It was wonderful for her to learn from those older than her that had navigated their way successfully into college and young adult life with such joy! I wasn't sure what to expect, but like Camp TAG that we had the chance to be a part of, it was a beautiful and empowering experience."
- Charity, Virginia

"Not only did we have excellent learning sessions, the camraderie and relationships that were fostered were unbeatable. FAACT's Teen Retreat provided a wonderful shared experience for both my son and me. Thank you to Eleanor and the FAACT team for such a fun experience."
- Heather, Ohio

"We had an amazing experience attending FAACT's Teen Retreat! From the presenters, to the evening activities, the outings...we met life-long friends! It's an amazing and wonderful feeling where others just 'get it', and the sense of belonging is something we will never forget."
- Shannon, California

"FAACT's Teen Retreat gave me both a sense of security and normalcy in my experiences with food allergies, but also the best community of lifelong friends from across the country! I wouldn't trade those weekends for the world!"
- Emma, Massachusetts (18)

"FAACT's Teen Retreat helped me realize that my parents have my safety and best interest as a priority. Meeting other teens my age who understand the daily challenges of living with food allergies was amazing."
- Jonathan, Kentucky (18)