FAACT Partners with MenuTrinfo®

April 1, 2021

Dining Out Can Be Life-Threatening for Adults and Children with Food Allergies

MenuTrinfo® and FAACT Join Forces Forward with AllerTrain™
Suite of Courses, the Proven Leader in Food Allergy Food Service Training Since 2011

Fort Collins, Colorado: For more than 32 million Americans living with food allergies, eating at the school cafeteria or a local restaurant is not merely a convenience, it’s a gamble – with potentially fatal consequences. The food service industries food allergy expert, MenuTrinfo®, is partnering with the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) to make serving those with food allergies even safer for the next decade through this new partnership.

Together, FAACT and MenuTrinfo® will continue to provide leading-edge food allergy education, risk-reduction strategies, and emergency preparedness plans to food service facilities so they can safely serve people living with food allergies as well as their families, friends, and colleagues.

MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain™ program launched in 2011, accredited by ANSI in 2014 and the leading platform in the food service industry since then, provides eLearning and in-person training. This ground-breaking partnership brought the expert oversight and additional content vetted by FAACT’s Medical Advisory Board to achieve even stronger and clearer education for those who complete the training. Courses are available in English and Spanish with additional languages on the horizon.  

The food allergy training courses continue to teach food service professionals:

  • Top foods that cause allergic reactions
  • Proper protocol for preparing food to avoid cross-contact with allergens
  • How to better serve diners with special dietary needs
  • Recommendations for policy implementation
  • Information on current and pending legislation in each state

Through this food allergy training program, AllerTrain™ and FAACT will help food service professionals on all levels to better handle gluten-free and food allergen requests, avoid food allergy-related incidents, and prepare for onsite food allergy emergencies should they occur.

As the nation’s leading food allergy advocacy organization, FAACT's vast educational resources combined with MenuTrinfo's premier AllerTrain™ training programs will bridge trust and loyalty between consumers and the food service industry. 

“We are excited to partner with MenuTrinfo® on the AllerTrain™ programs”, says Eleanor Garrow-Holding, FAACT President and CEO. “These education programs are a must for all food service personnel managing any students or consumers with food allergies, Celiac disease, and/or intolerances. The programs consist of education from the front-of-the-house to the back-of-the-house, and for those in management. We are honored to partner with MenuTrinfo® and look forward to collaborating on much needed education resources and programing in the college/university, K-12 schools, and restaurant settings for years to come.”

“I am thrilled to be able to partner my company’s business initiatives with FAACT’s mission.” says Betsy Craig, Founder and CEO at MenuTrinfo®. “We as a company have always looked to nonprofit leading entities who serve the community we care most about. FAACT meets that mission and then some. It is an honor to make the connection with FAACT now an official partnership. MenuTrinfo’s training, allergen charts for food service, a database of products that are safe to use in certified free-from areas and many more services from the food service professionals to those same professionals.”

About MenuTrinfo®

MenuTrinfo® is a one-stop-shop for restaurants, education food service providers, and companies producing consumer packaged goods who are catering to the food allergy community. Our mission is to protect lives and health through nutrition and training, and we do so in our suite of services. By providing three major services: certified nutritional information and food allergy/ gluten-free identification in recipes, food safety and allergen/gluten-free training (AllerTrain™), and full-service kitchen audits for facilities and products known as “Certified Free From™” any of the top 8 allergens, MenuTrinfo® is dedicated to making the food-service industry safe for those dining with food allergies and sensitivities. 

About The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT)

FAACT's mission is to educate, advocate, and raise awareness for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis. FAACT is also your voice for food allergy awareness, from keeping children safe at school to dealing with workplace issues or simply taking the family out for a bite to eat. Managing a food allergy on a daily basis involves constant vigilance. FAACT is here to support you in managing your food allergies – today, tomorrow, and into the future. For more information, please visit us at or call (513) 342-1293, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Eleanor Garrow-Holding, FAACT’s President and CEO
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