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Blog Entries - Mar. 2019

Product Notice

Hostess Brands: Notice of Allergen Change for Products

March 22, 2019  |  allergy, Egg, food allergy, Hostess, Milk

March 22, 2019: Hostess Brands, LLC would like you to know that starting April 28, 2019, some snack cake offerings will contain either whole eggs or milk. The flavors that will contain whole eggs are Hostess Bakery

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Starbucks Stores in the United States and Canada Are Offering A New Beverage, the Cloud Macchiato

March 13, 2019  |  Egg

Starbucks stores in the United States and Canada are offering a delightful new espresso beverage, the Cloud Macchiato. Starbucks Cloud Macchiato beverages begin with whipped cold milk foam, a hint of vanilla syrup,

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