FAACT's Leadership Summit

FAACT's Leadership Summit 2021

FAACT Support Group Leadership Summit 2021 is a COMPLIMENTARY, two-day event dedicated to building collaborative communities that share a passion for raising awareness and preparedness of people with life-threatening allergies.

Registration Packets will be emailed to FAACT-recognized support group leaders in early 2021.

The summit will present unique opportunities through workshops, lectures, networking, and activities for attendees to develop the leadership and organizational skills needed to improve their networks, as well as develop relationships with other leaders within their regions. Furthermore, attendees will receive routine updates throughout the year on best practices and success stories as a result of the summit.

FAACT supports all grassroots efforts.

Save the Location and Date for 2021:

Oak Brook, IL

The Hyatt Lodge & Hyatt Lodge Conference Center

Wednesday, November 10 - Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Hyatt Lodge/Hyatt Lodge Conference Center
2815 Jorie Blvd. 
Oak Brook, IL 60523 
TEL: 630-581-6603 

FAACT-recognized support group leaders are eligible to register and attend the Leadership Summit, and invitations will be sent in February. If you are not yet a FAACT-recognized support group leader, please apply for recognition today so you can take part in these amazing events by emailing Lisa Rutter

School nurses and parent advocates are also invited to attend for a registration fee of $200. Please email Eleanor Garrow-Holding for more information.

For all other information, please contact Eleanor Garrow-Holding.