Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis


Access to Healthcare Resources is a powerful resource and is a one-stop shop to find medication discounts, clinics, health care related programs and assistance by state and you can even find scholarships! The most efficient way to tackle this information-rich website is to click on the Getting Started tab and choose the Welcome New Users link. Once you are familiar with, heading right over to Patient Savings brings you directly to finding discounts, affordable clinics, and even help filling out patient assistance forms.

Here are a few highlights which can be found at

  • Save on Prescriptions – search by company, drug name, generic, brand or download a discount card
  • Find help on filling out patient assistance program forms
  • Discover local, free, and low-cost sliding scale clinics
  • Find programs who assist with medical transportation costs
  • View government healthcare programs
  • Connect with retreats, camps, and recreational programs
  • Learn how to become a Needy Meds advocate to help your community