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10 Things You Can Do to Be a Food Allergy Ally

Listening and learning are KEY! Community support IS essential!

  1. Listen to hear and not respond.
  2. Be open to learning new things as new research is uncovered.
  3. Speak with instead of for people managing food allergies.
  4. Echo voices of those you want to support. 
  5. Speak up in spaces where you have influence.
  6. Join PTAs or other school groups to help make change.
  7. Join employee resource groups at work to help educate.
  8. Ask those managing food allergies how to best help.
  9.  Join a FAACT-recognized food allergy support group.
  10. Volunteer to be an advocate in your community.

Download FAACT's 10 Things You Can Do to Be a Food Allergy Ally poster.

FAACT's 5 Things You Can Do to be A Food Allergy Ally Video 


Check Your Bias

Unconscious bias or implicit bias is when a person holds particular attitudes that affect the way they behave toward, categorize, stereotype, and treat others based on their own subconscious thoughts about different groups of people. Working through these biases takes intentional practice. Want to get better at checking biases that sometimes come naturally?

Download FAACT's Check Your Bias handout to learn more.

FAACT's Let's Learn about Biases Video


Overcome Divisive Thinking

Our brains take in millions of bits of information every day. As we compartmentalize our thinking, it can have an impact on how we process everyday things. This can make us more susceptible to thinking in ways that aren’t as inclusive as we’d like to be. Check out these reframed thoughts in the handout below that can help you and those you care for in the food allergy community think more inclusively.

Download FAACT's Overcome Divisive Thinking handout.