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Events in the Workplace

When you add up the hours, an individual spends more time at work than at home or out and about. We are surrounded by co-workers that become our work family. They eat two meals out of the three a day with you, and you often times share your morning and afternoon snack time together. Although many meals are spent in the office, there are times when they aren’t. This includes office parties, retreats, holiday events, the list goes on. So how do you make sure that you can enjoy the event and the food?

Here are some tips on how to make sure the event is safe for you:

  • Do your research and suggest the top restaurants in the area that are safe for you (i.e. delivery, dine in, take out, etc.)
  • If your suggestions aren’t considered (which they may not be), once a place is chosen, consider calling to speak to the manager and head chef.
  • Reiterate your food allergies once you arrive in person.
  • Once the food arrives, if it looks suspicious, just don’t eat it, otherwise enjoy!

Retreats and/or social work events are surrounded by food; especially around the holidays. It is important that amongst the fun of a celebration, you don’t forget about your health and your safety! Some situations and conversations may feel uncomfortable, especially when you are conversing with a superior, but it is important that no matter what level of seniority doesn’t understand, you are clear and firm in the importance of your food allergy.

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Food allergies affect as many as 32 million Americans, including 26 million adults

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