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Planning for Elementary School: A Parent/Caregiver Guide

As you plan for your child’s elementary school years, the same diligence and preparation is needed as in previous years, and additional factors for children this age will need to be taken into consideration. These factors include:

  • The importance of food allergy management and the seriousness of food allergy reactions. Planning for School: A Parent/Caregiver Guide should be reviewed by parents/caregivers.
  • Classroom food allergy rules need to be discussed with the student, who is now well on the way to becoming his or her own advocate.
  • Review signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction with your child and how to inform an adult.
  • Reassure your child where his or her medications will be stored and what steps will take place in an emergency.
  • Review safety measures with your child, including:
    • Label reading
    • No food sharing
    • Hand washing
    • Water fountains
    • Arts and crafts
  • Educate your child’s classmates on basic food allergy information through:
    • Reading books with the class
    • Activities with the class
  • Keep an eye out for social and emotional factors that may be effecting your child and assure his or her to share any instances of bullying.

Download FAACT's 'Planning for School: A Parent/Caregiver Guide'.

Download FAACT's 'Communicating with School Personnel: Parent/Caregiver Checklist'.



Planning, education, and creating a supportive team for your child early on will ensure a safe and healthy school year ahead.

The documents below contain tips and resources to support you in working with your child’s school. Download the guides and be sure to visit the FAACT Education Resource Center for additional resources and posters.