Thanksgiving is a time to share gratitude with family, friends, and our communities. It is also a holiday focused on sharing food. Dodging allergen mine fields can feel daunting at this time of year. FAACT is here to help. 

The resources on this page will help you safely navigate the holidays. Our Pinterest boards are packed with fun craft ideas and scrumptious allergen-friendly recipes. Kick off your holiday celebration with our downloadable crossword puzzles and word searches for kids of all ages.


FAACT Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches

You won't want to miss FAACT's Thanksgiving-themed educational crossword puzzles and word searches. These are fun puzzles to do at home or share with your classmates and friends.

Download 10 FAACTS About Food Allergies to answer questions contained in the crossword puzzles and word searches. 

Download our fun crossword puzzles and word searches: