An Open Letter from National Peanut Board's CEO

August 9, 2018
image for letter

As many of you are aware, the National Peanut Board placed an ad in USA Today on July 31 about Southwest Airlines removing peanuts from their flights.

FAACT has had discussions since last week with the National Peanut Board, where FAACT shared concerns and disappointment of the food allergy community regarding the ad. The National Peanut Board’s CEO, Bob Parker, has apologized in an open letter, which we are sharing here with you.

As we shared last week, FAACT was not aware of this ad until after it was printed and brought to our attention. FAACT CEO, Eleanor Garrow-Holding, serves on their Food Allergy Education Advisory Council, and the Advisory Council was not aware of the ad either until after it was printed, which is addressed in the letter.

Remember - ALL food allergies are very serious, and we need to continue to support everyone in the community. We must keep educating and advocating on behalf of everyone affected by food allergy and life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Please know that FAACT hears you and will continue to be Your Voice!