Allergy-Friendly Ways for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Allergy-Friendly Ways for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

by Stacey Stratton and Cindy Gordon

The spread of teal at Halloween is helping provide allergy-friendly options for children with food allergies. With your help, food allergy awareness can be brought to other holidays too!

Valentine’s day has lots of candy and treats, and is concerning for parents who have children with food allergies. By bringing teal to this holiday, children will have more ways they can safely join in on the fun.

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, be sure remind the teacher and other parents about your child’s food allergy, and ask that items containing the allergen aren’t given to your child. Since crafts and games are always a hit with the kids, discuss possible ideas for including non-food treats and allergy-friendly activities during the party.

Looking for card ideas? Pinterest is full of Valentine’s Day ideas that don’t include food items. You can easily and affordably craft Valentine’s Day cards at home with items such as glow sticks, twisty straws, bouncy balls and more. Not only will you have creative, allergy-friendly cards to give, you’ll also have fun with your child as you make them.

Did you know that FAACT has a Pinterest board dedicated to these ideas? Whether you’re planning a special family celebration at home or planning your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day Party, here are few fun ideas to help you get started! Check out FAACT’s Valentine Pinterest board!

Fun Kid Approved Valentines Crafts:

Valentine’s Games to get your kids moving:

FAACT wishes you a safe, fun & Happy Valentine’s Day, celebrating with those you love!

About the Authors:
Stacey Stratton is FAACT’s Publications Manager and founder of the Allergy Free Zone. Cindy Gordon is FAACT’s Communication Manager and founder of Vegetarian Mamma