FAACT CEO Excited To Share Our Food Allergy Conferences with YOU!

FAACT CEO Excited To Share Our Food Allergy Conferences with YOU!

FAACT’s upcoming Food Allergy Conferences provide a full day of educational sessions led by leading medical professionals and food allergy advocates. Each conference offers education and support for parents, grandparents, school personnel, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and teens. But what’s even more exciting for me is the opportunity for all of these people who support those living with food allergies – including FAACT advisors – to support each other! I hope you can join us for these events.

Keynote speakers include members of FAACT’s Medical Advisory Board who will offer their expertise on food allergy and anaphylaxis management, the psychosocial impact of living with food allergies, and the latest food allergy research.

Breakout sessions will include baking demos with leading allergy cookbook authors, food allergy advocates presenting best practices and management tips, and much more.

Teens and Teen Siblings (ages 11-18) will be together the entire day, sharing experiences, participating in team-building activities, and learning from leading healthcare professionals and advocates, including a review of the Student/Teen section of the FAME School Toolkit.

Additional workshops that will be offered at this year’s Food Allergy Conferences:

  • School and Clinical Registered Dietitians’ Workshop: Thistwo-hour workshop for school and clinical registered dietitians, school food service directors, and undergrad students in nutrition programs is designed to provide additional education on managing food allergies in the school setting and review the School Nutrition section in the FAME School Toolkit.
  • Parents and Other School Personnel Workshop: This two-hour workshop for parents and school personnel will offer information about 504 plans, IHP’s, IEP’s, along with a discussion of student accommodations and what each student’s rights are. We will also review the Parents/Guardians and Administrators/School Staff sections in the FAME School Toolkit.
  • Adults with Food Allergies Workshop: This interactive and informational workshop for adults living with food allergies is designed to provide attendees with a better understanding of food allergies and the tools and resources available to help them improve their quality of life.

FAACT’s sponsors, as well as many other nonprofit organizations we know and support, will be at all conference locations – all under one roof – to share their educational materials with you, including Allergy & Asthma Network, American Latex Allergy Association (ALAA), American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders (APFED), International Association for Food Protein Enterocolitis (IAFFPE), National Association for School Nurses (NASN), and Gluten & Allergen Free Expo.

Upcoming Conferences

Anaheim, CA              Saturday, September 13, 2014                Disneyland Hotel

Atlanta, GA                 Saturday, September 20, 2014                Evergreen Marriott at Stone Mountain

Denver, CO                 Saturday, October 11, 2014                      The Denver Marriott City Center

Philadelphia, PA      Saturday, October 18, 2014                       Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

To register for FAACT’s Conferences and to book your hotel reservation online, please visit the
Food Allergy Conference Web page. I would love the opportunity to see you in one of our locations and get to know you. Meeting other families and individuals who “get it” is inspiring for me. Hope to see you there!