FAACT’s Teal Pumpkin Painting Party with Miss Haven County

FAACT’s Teal Pumpkin Painting Party with Miss Haven County

by Natascia Simone, Miss Haven County 2017 and FAACT Advocate

Halloween is TODAY, and the food allergy community would love to be in on the fun!

As Miss New Haven County, I, Natascia Simone, am part of the Miss America Scholarship Organization and my personal platform is Food Allergy Advocacy: Protecting and Empowering Children! As soon as I was crowned on October 15th, I knew I wanted to put together an event for the food allergy community before Halloween!

Halloween is a time for fun and excitement! Getting dressed up as your favorite character, singer, or actor and then collecting candy all night! What could be better, right? Well, a bowl of allergy-friendly treats could!

Every year the thousands of children who have food allergies get dressed up and go trick-or-treating, but often times can’t have any of the candy! I was one of those children growing up, and I can tell you it took away all the fun when the night came to an end. This can change!

Placing a teal pumpkin on your doorstep on Halloween signifies that you have a separate bowl of allergy-friendly treats waiting to hand out to those with food allergies! Just think of the difference you will make by adding this to your list of festive holiday activities!

This year, as Miss New Haven County, I decided to put together a local fundraiser called the Teal Pumpkin Painting Party! It was an afternoon of painting and decorating your own unique TEAL PUMPKIN to place on your front doorstep just in time for Halloween night! Adults and children put their creativity to work and made the most beautiful teal pumpkins!

I want to thank our wonderful sponsors: SunButter, Enjoy Life Foods, 88 Acres and Divvies that donated Top 8 free allergen snacks for the painters to snack on while getting their paint on! The party ended with a best pumpkin contest and everyone went home with information about the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) and how to have a safe Halloween, as well as a goody bag with a few allergy-friendly treats to hand out to their trick-or-treaters!

Be sure to follow FAACT’s Halloween Safety Tips today and tonight! Have fun, and Happy Halloween!