FAACT’s 10 Years of Teal Voices Anniversary

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FAACT’s 10 Years of Teal Voices Anniversary

The heart of the 32 million Americans in the
food allergy community

by Eleanor Garrow-Holding, FAACT President & CEO

For years I had been a food allergy mom, a volunteer, a support group leader, and then worked at the national level in the food allergy space, but it felt like a critical connection was still missing.

Did the medical professionals and pharmaceutical researchers working in this field really understand what life was like for families living with food allergies? How could teachers and school administrators—even our own families—help our community if they weren’t truly a part of it?

I founded the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) to give food allergy families a voice. To educate families AND medical professionals. To advocate for children and adults living with food allergies. And to build connections among all of us. Food allergy families always support each other. I wanted to expand that support and share our stories so others could understand what we needed—and why.

When we or someone we love is diagnosed with food allergies, our lives are flipped upside down. But as the years progress, there are still many opportunities for joy. Not only have I watched my own child transform into a responsible adult managing his food allergies independently, I have had the honor of supporting hundreds of children as they grew into self-advocating young adults living their dreams.

There are 32 million Americans living with food allergies. None of us should feel like we have to struggle alone.

FAACT is home for anyone living with or caring for someone with food allergies. FAACT feels like home— welcoming—and room will always be made for you at our table.

I am so honored to share with you FAACT’s 10-year anniversary as an organization and its commitment to the food allergy space, community, and people. Our mission has been to educate, build advocacy for, and increase connectivity among individuals, parents, caregivers, and adults affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis. And with your support, we’ll keep doing that and more.

We started a top 10 list of accomplishments from the past 10 years—and ended up with 11 great resources for you and your family. So, keep reading!

We also hope you’ll join us in celebrating our 10 Years of Teal Voices social media awareness campaign. Please let us know how FAACT has helped you in the past—and how we can help you today.

Tune in to FAACT's Roundtable Podcast Ep. 160 to hear more about FAACT's 10 Years of TEAL Voices Anniversary Campaign and Celebrating TEAL Moments during
Food Allergy Awareness Month!