Getting to Know OWYN: Going the Extra Mile

Getting to Know OWYN: Going the Extra Mile

by Caroline Moassessi, OWYN Consultant

"No one fully understands unless you live and breathe it yourself," Amy Feuerstein, shared, "you just can't have a little." A sentiment she remembered explaining to well-meaning family members. Feuerstein is the mom to Drew, who manages life-threatening food allergies and Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). Her husband Leigh is co-owner and one of several dynamic forces behind the top-eight allergen-free protein drink, OWYN (Only What You Need). Inspired to make a difference in our food allergy world, one clean, tasty, healthy sip at a time, Feuerstein's husband committed the company to create one of the fiercest allergen management protocols in the nation.

Wholeheartedly dedicated to inclusion, "we offer the best plant-based, chemical-free, high-nutrition beverage out there, which just happens to be free of the top-eight allergens," explained Leigh Feuerstein. Raising a child with limited food choices first handmade the goal to remove the stigma surrounding food allergies, and special diets, an easy one to embrace.

The daunting task of tackling stigma while producing a superior product pointed to keeping it simple; use only the highest quality plant-based ingredients while maintaining strict top eight allergen ingredient handling and management during every step of the manufacturing process.

All ingredients are the third party tested for the presence of top-eight allergens before they are processed. Shared equipment is cleaned and tested during and after the sanitization process. Unique clothing worn during the blending process is stored in a dedicated locker room to avoid any form of cross-contact. Every single lot is tested for top-eight allergens and is held until third-party testing has been verified.

Impacted by food allergies and EoE, OWYN knows parents need precise information to make smart choices for their families. Walking the food transparency talk, OWYN invites customers to reach out and ask questions about their manufacturing process and top-eight allergen management protocol.

"We hope to see everyone experiencing good health, nutrition, and inclusion," Leigh explained, "OWYN is a beverage that many teams and classmates can enjoy together."

OWYN's vision is fueled by former professional athletes and fitness devotes, Jeff Mroz and Kathryn Moos, who sought to find a robust solution for athletes who need and want great taste, functionality and proper nutrition. OWYN has been spotted in the hands of students with food allergies and their teammates and during workouts with professional sports teams like the New York Knicks or Denver Nuggets.

Attending the 2017 Food Allergy Blogger Conference in Denver, Mroz noted, "people were sharing how hard it is to get a good quality, clean protein, and they were actually thanking us for making OWYN." With heartfelt gratitude, Mroz said, "this brings us so much joy."

OWYN hopes to be part of the movement to remove food allergy stigma, increase manufacturing transparency and give the community, both food allergic and non-food allergic, the opportunity to sustain their bodies with the quality nutrition and taste they deserve.

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