Guiding Your New College Student to Success


by Caroline Moassessi, FAACT Vice President of Community Relations

Over the next month or so, your high school senior may say yes to a new home for four years. This time is a mix of magical moments and uncomfortable challenges. You can help guide your student with tried-and-true tools from your FAACT family to start planning how they will manage their food allergy in college.

Grab a cup of coffee – and your student – and roll up your sleeves. Exciting times await you!

Where To Start

First, remember that you have taught your student well. They have been watching you, sometimes silently, manage their food allergy. Now is the time to pass the baton – with your support.

Second, use FAACT’s College Resource Center to support your student as they kick off conversations with their college on managing their food allergies and establishing accommodations on campus. (This includes commuter students!) Our College Resource Center is based on direct conversations with students, school administrators, parents, coaches, food service providers, and allergists.

Checklists for Food Allergy Management

Our checklists are designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of food allergy management at college. We know parents might benefit from extra tips for working with their students, while students need concise and direct guidance about navigating meaningful conversations. Of course, work with your doctor to confirm best practices for your student.

Parent/Caregiver Checklists:

Student Checklists:

Print the downloadable version of each checklist, which provides space for taking notes as it guides you through the process. These checklists feature information and questions to ask about:

  • Accommodations, including how to secure a medical single dorm room
  • Dining, including how to establish a plan for safe eating and who to contact on campus
  • Legal considerations and student rights
  • Managing labs and classroom settings
  • Emergency and medical services, including managing food allergy treatments while at college
  • Stress management and wellness
  • And much more

Don’t miss the Legal Considerations section in the College Resource Center. You will learn about your student’s legal rights, dining and housing accommodations, and legal documents such as Health Care Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy, Durable Power of Attorney, and Access to Student Records (FERPA). You will want to discuss these with your student to decide what is appropriate for your family.

Other Resources for College-Bound Students

Pick up important legal information and tips from parents and students about college challenge and successes. Consider listening to and sharing the student guest podcasts – you’ll discover candid conversations about roommates, dating, and accommodations.

* Indicates college student guest(s).

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FAACT Parent/Caregiver Facebook Group:
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NEW! FAACT College Students with Food Allergies Facebook Group:
Due to many requests from college students to join FAACT’s Parents/Caregiver Facebook group, a new, private group is being launched on March 13, 2023, for junior and senior high school students and college students. Encourage your teen to explore this students-only space.

Enjoy this unique time. FAACT is here to support you and your family on this new adventure!