Let's Go Nuts!

Let's Go Nuts!

By Kyle Dine, Musician and Food-Allergy Advocate

Hey friends at FAACT!

I wouldn’t consider myself a trendsetter, but I was probably one of the first to be wearing a bright neon fanny pack in the 1980s. That’s when I was first diagnosed with multiple food allergies and began carrying my epinephrine with me in that blinding fluorescent pouch.

Growing up, I had numerous allergic reactions and tough situations to deal with. I didn’t know anybody else who had allergies and often felt like a burden to others because of my long list of foods that I needed help avoiding.

I learned a lot of lessons along the way, including a big “wake up call” reaction as a college student, but am now proud to be living confidently managing my allergies. However, I do sometimes wish that fanny packs would come back in style!

I now use music to help educate and support children dealing with food allergies. I know what they’re going through and find that music is an effective way of reaching them. My songs are meant to empower kids by reminding them of the key educational messages to stay safe and give them confidence in knowing that they are not alone.

I have created two school assembly performances that educate ALL students about food allergies and what they can do to help keep an allergy-safe school. I incorporate messaging on inclusion and anti-bullying to promote understanding of each other’s differences and empathy. The shows are a lot of fun and jam packed with music, puppets, game shows, and more.

This spring, I am on the road for two and a half months, performing at schools literally all across North America. I am fully booked during this time but will be going on tour again this fall and hope to spread allergy awareness at your school! I am really grateful to FAACT for helping sponsor some of my shows. I am thrilled to have their support and happy to reach more people with my message because of it.

If you are interested in booking a performance at your school or in your community this fall, FAACT is able to help sponsor the events. Please learn more about my music, my shows, and how they could help your school become a little more allergy safe at