Making the Holidays Sweeter & Safer

Making the Holidays Sweeter & Safer

by Stacey Stratton, FAACT's Publication Manager

With the Holidays quickly approaching, you might be searching for allergy-friendly ideas to bake or take to family gatherings. I’ve rounded up some helpful ways you can make the holidays sweeter & safer.

Enjoy Life Foods has new baking mixes with no artificial ingredients. Their brownie and muffin mixes are simple to make by only adding oil, water, and of course more chocolate if desired! Top 8 allergen-free, these mixes are perfect to have on hand, especially when you need to bake something fast.

You can melt chocolate into candy molds or dip your favorite item for a delicious chocolaty treat. Enjoy Life Foods has directions for melting their allergen-friendly chocolate and also several other recipes you might enjoy.

If you’re looking for classic Christmas cookie recipes that are allergy-friendly, check out my blog post for “25 Allergy Friendly Christmas Cookie & Candy Recipes” on Allergy Free Zone along with other helpful Food Allergy “TIPs” – Tools, Ideas, and Products for food allergies.

Don’t Forget:

When baking, bake plenty of extra cookies or brownies and freeze them. They’re a great solution when you’re given short notice about needing a “safe treat” for your child at school.

Safety Tips:

With holiday parties approaching, be sure to remember the following…

  • Review food safety rules with your child and others.

  • Read EVERY label, EVERY time. NEVER assume something is safe.

  • Be prepared by practicing what you’d do in an emergency, and always remember to bring your epinephrine auto-injectors & allergy action plan.

Money Saving Tip:

Right after the holidays, don’t forget to stock up on any holiday candy that’s safe for your child. Markdowns of holiday-themed items can be a great way to get your favorite allergy-friendly treats at a discount.

Check out manufacturer’s sites or call to inquire about any coupons they may offer.

Shop at or to have your favorite allergy-friendly treats delivered right to your door.

Wishing You a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Stacey Stratton is FAACT’s Publication Manager and also the founder of the Allergy Free Zone. Stacey is committed to educating and advocating for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis.

I received samples of the Enjoy Life Foods mixes and chocolate to test in the kitchen. Their products are safe for my family, but always be sure to check ingredients and read labels EVERY time to make sure products are safe for your family.