New FAACT College Resource Center


New FAACT College Resource Center

In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Month, FAACT is launching our new College Resource Center – a comprehensive toolkit covering the phases of starting college, a trade school, or a career direct from high school as a young adult living with food allergies. 

The FAACT team met with parents, students, young adults, mental health professionals, lawyers, dining services, and college administrators to better understand the management of food allergies during the transition from high school to a four-year college, community college, trade/vocational school, or directly to the workforce. The result is FAACT’s College Resource Center.

Each section guides parents and students through the various stages of life after high school. Every student, their health needs, and their post-high-school experiences are unique. Therefore, materials were created to be in-depth for families and students to pick and choose which items fit their situations and needs. The Resource Center will grow as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect our lives and the needs of young people.

The entire cycle from exploring colleges to graduation day is a combination of excitement, stress, joy, concern, and pride. The good news is that you are not alone, and students with food allergies around the globe enjoy healthy and happy years at college. FAACT believes that the magic lies within our community, supporting each other.

FAACT is honored and humbled to offer your family the College Resource Center to help you on your journey.