Tips for Creating a “Safe” Easter That Your Child Will Enjoy and Remember

Tips for Creating a “Safe” Easter That Your Child Will Enjoy and Remember

by Stacey Stratton

Easter can be another concerning time for parents, who have children with food allergies. Not only do you have to watch that all the candy and food is “safe”, but you might also have to be around family members and friends who sometimes just don’t “get it”.

It’s much easier if you’re hosting the Easter dinner, because you can assign dishes and have more control over what’s being served and the activities for the day.

But, here are some ways you can help increase the safety when going to a relative or friend’s house:

In advance…

If possible, offer to arrive early to help the host cook or clean before the meal.

Ask if you can see labels beforehand. Can guests contact you in advance with questions or show you pictures of the packaging?

Review information with the host on label reading and cross-contact. FAACT has a GREAT resource for grandparents, that’s very informative for ANYONE to learn about food allergy safety. You can download it for FREE here: FAACT’s 'A Caregivers Guide'.

Bring dishes your child will want to eat, and you know will be safe. You can also help with dessert, by making some of the easy Enjoy Life mixes or bringing packaged treats.

If there’s an egg hunt, can the items be free of the allergen or contain non-food items? Another option is to sign each child an egg color, then you can make sure all items in your child’s eggs are safe.

For candy, be sure to seek out trusted brands, and ALWAYS read the label! Holiday candy might be manufactured in a different facility or contain different ingredients.

If there are some unsafe candy items that the other children will receive, can those items be given out to them right before they leave?

Getting ready to go….

Before arriving, go over your food allergy safety rules with your child.

Bring the Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan and all medication for your child.

Review the plan and how to use epinephrine, so you know how to handle an emergency.

Eat a little bit before you arrive, so your child’s less tempted to grab something quickly there.

Take plenty of safe snacks and some allergy-friendly Easter items.

Bring games and craft supplies to have some allergy-friendly fun. If you need ideas for games and crafts, visit FAACT’s Pinterest Boards.

When there…

Focus on having fun and creating good memories…that’s what will truly matter to your child and they will always remember.

From all your friends at FAACT - Have a Safe and Happy Easter!