Avoiding Back-to-School Burnout


by Caroline Moassessi, FAACT Vice President of Community Relations

I love peppermint in any form – in my latte, ice cream, even body lotion. It's my pick-me-up when I am feeling sluggish or need a refresh of positive energy. While tackling armloads of back-to-school laundry recently, peppermint-scented laundry detergent reminded me to take a deep breath and care for myself while caring for my family.

This time of year is as exciting as it is stressful. Establishing school accommodations, stocking up on medications, and educating teachers, coaches, new friends, and professors about food allergies are all at the top of our back-to-school lists. With all this on our minds, it can be easy to forget our well-being as we care for others. For those of us with children in college, especially first-year students, our energy can be hyper-focused on guiding our students safely into their next big adventure.

When writing your food allergy back-to-school task list, place your name at the top of the page. Consider writing next to your name, "Today, I will ____ (fill in the blank) to boost my well-being." If guilt starts to creep in, head to FAACT's Behavioral Health Resource Center, including the Self-Care Hub. You'll quickly see that guilt has no place in our lives when we are taking care of ourselves so we can take better care of our families.

Self-care can range from a 10-minute walk, drinking a cup of tea, or listening to your favorite music to protecting your scheduled eight hours of sleep. Consider what inspires and uplifts you and weave these into your day (music is my motivator). Schedule your self-care.

I have noticed that when I get overwhelmed, I forget what tools are in my coping skill toolbox. I give myself a tune-up by visiting FAACT's Coping Skills Hub for trustworthy tips and advice. Sometimes I need to be reminded that while things can get challenging, there are always solutions to keep all of us healthy. My new favorite wellness podcast episode is with FAACT's Director of Behavioral Health, Emery Brown, "The Impact of Food Allergies on Parents and Caregivers."

You are never alone. Your FAACT family is here with you every step of the way. Stay in touch via our robust social media channels or join us at FAACT's Teen Retreat. Your health and well-being are essential to everyone who loves you!

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