12 TEAL Ways to Increase Awareness and Safety this Halloween!

FAACT Halloween Awareness

Isn’t it so exciting to see the increase of teal pumpkins and ghosts appearing at more houses each year!? Teal Halloween stands for so many things. It’s awareness of food allergies but helps include ALL children with special dietary needs. It’s finding ways that children can stay SAFE and also have FUN.

Even though there are more allergy-friendly options available, we need to remain vigilant when it comes to food allergy safety.

Here are 12 TEAL ways you can increase food allergy awareness and safety:

1. Have non-food treats available such as FAACT’s Teal Ghost logoed fun and colorful prize packs, available at Walmart stores in the U.S. along with FAACT's Teal Ghost Signs. You can also include your favorite allergy-friendly treats.

2. Hand out food allergy information to the parents that also stop by with their children. Visit FAACT for a simple and informative printable on “Food Allergy Safety FAACTs”.

3. Place teal signs and pumpkins at your home to let others know that your house supports those with food allergies. Visit FARE for “Teal Pumpkin Project” signs and activities.

4. Pick costumes with gloves (or that cover the hands) to help decrease any accidental skin contact with the allergen.

5. Pass out safe items in advance to neighbors, so they can give them to your child. You can also give them an informational flyer too!

6. Decrease candy temptation by having your child eat before they go trick-or-treating.

7. Let your child know in advance how long they can go and the houses they can visit.

8. Go over safety rules. Never assume that your child knows what to do. Make sure you discuss the following with your child before you go:

  • Do NOT eat any candy until it has been checked first.
  • Be aware of wrappers on the ground and the candy that you grab.

9. Encourage them to advocate for their needs by asking for non-food treats or candy that’s free of the allergen.

10. Remind them to be polite in refusing candy that contains their allergen or unlabeled items (like baked items that someone has made).

11. Make sure your child knows what will happen to the candy when they get back. Let them help decide what to do with it, so they feel better about letting it go.

  • Will they trade it for different candy and items that you have for them?
  • Will you donate some or all of it?

12. Inspect ALL the candy before eating anything. Remember that smaller sized candy may be made in a different facility. Also, items may have changed ingredients since the last time you checked. NEVER assume something is safe.

Wishing you a Safe, Happy, and Fun - TEAL Halloween!

About the Author:
Stacey Stratton is FAACT’s Publications Manager and founder of the Allergy Free Zone. Stacey is committed to educating and advocating for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis.